A few days ago the power went completely out for a while. Plus, it was not just a small area. It was unexpected (duh), and lasted for a little while. Plus, the outage was not confined to a few blocks, a large area got knocked out

Loss of Internet🔗

I am fortunate enough to have Unlimited data, so usually when Wi-Fi goes out, I just connect to my hotspot. Unfortunately, even the cell towers got knocked out too, so I had absolutely no internet connection for a while. I have gone without internet before (e.g., camping trips) but this was different with the unexpectedness. I had not been prepared.

Online & Offline Content🔗

A lot of my activity is online, but luckily I also read all my content on my computer, so I luckily had different .epub and .pdf files to read. Still, I realized a lot of what I had saved to read later (like through Wallabag) still needed to be accessed online, and was not synced offline to my computer. This sucked, to say the least, but I did have offline content to consume regardless (I could not go outside at the time).


Now, I realize the importance for local archives, so I started looking for a few solutions. I found some interesting projects like Kiwix which have the goal of easily storing online information (in this case, Wikipedia). These are important goals, not just for short-term power outages, but keeping multiple copies on and off the internet. If anyone knows similar projects, reach out to me!