What to Write?

Day 11 in #100DaysToOffload


Recently, I have been posting less frequently than usual and thought I was behind on my #100DaysToOffload participation. Before this post, I was actually keeping an average of 1 post every 3 days, which was under the approximate 3.5 days. Surprisingly (at least to me), I had maintained a steady pace. This post is coming out a day later than I had hoped, but that delay gave me more to write about, so maybe it was for the best. Now, I am at 1 post every 3.4 days, so still under but definitely cutting it close.

My Plan

As I described in my “Moving to Write.as” post, recent blog-promoting-websites (go to that post for links if you want them) and 100 Days To Offload motivated me to actually post on my website. I am somewhat late to 100 Days To Offload (but there is no start and/or deadline!). When Kev Quirk first announced it, it was 1 post every day. A blog post every day is quite a daunting task and Kev quickly noticed that, so modified it to 100 posts in 365 days. Not only did I have more confidence to achieve this goal, it also lessened my worries of burning through ideas. I went to my absolute favorite to-do app, Things 3 (there's another post idea) and set a repeating to-do to be due 3 days after completion of the previous one.

1 Day Left, Today, Yesterday

Occasionally I would check-off the to-do early, sometimes on the day it is “due,” and other times the day after. Since I set the to-do to repeat 3 days after completion, and not on specific days, the deadlines would not always be “accurate.” That is, it might say it is due tomorrow, but is actually today. Maybe the reverse. I think that is why my 1 post per 3 days average was surprising, I lost track if the to-do deadline represented the “true” deadline. Although, I have not changed it (and do not plan to) because being confined, or even encouraged, to write on specific days sounds worse. My hit-or-miss with completing the to-do on the deadline provoked a reflection which ended up with the title of this post: “What to Write?”

When is it Ready?

In Standard Notes (my note app), I have a note simply titled “Writing Ideas.” I usually go through that list, but other times I write about whatever is in my mind that day. This post is the latter. I might be working on a project during the day, but not ready to write about it just yet because, well, the project is not finished. Other times, I may feel the post needs to be worked on more. I do not feel ready to post it. Other posts, like “How to Setup Nextcloud on NixOS” need more time for testing and some review to make sure what I write is accurate and a good practice. Even if idea(s) are listed in “Writing Ideas,” it could be merely an idea for the future. Something I have little experience thus far, potentially.

Going Forward

I hope I am able to maintain a pace of ≤3.5 days, and I will try. As 100 Days To Offload says, “Just. Write.”