I do not know why, but I have recently stumbled across many personal wikis/digital gardens. I have known about the concept (first learned it from Nikita Voloboev's), and always wanted to have one, but never went through with it. I fairly recently started this blog, too, and I felt the need for a "notes" section. The wiki is the perfect solution.


While there are no limits on what to post, but I do not want my post to simply be short notes. Still, there were notes I wanted to share and combine with other ones over time. For example, and ever growing list of tips and tricks about MacOS. I could write a blog post, but I would need to continuously update it, quickly making the published date inaccurate. What allows me to continuously add and revise with no date? You guessed it.

Enter the Wiki🔗

As stated, the wiki is the perfect solution for this. I can go and edit a page at any time with more info, or correct it. Nothing is sorted by date, either, which is awesome. Honestly, the pages that get the most updates most likely will be some of the first put up there, since I care about them more. If I just posted it on my blog here, it would get lost behind all my posts after it.


Currently, the wiki uses GitBook for hosting. First, it is free which is nice. More importantly, I can use git (specifically, GitHub) to manage my block with simple Markdown files. The workflow possibilities here are extremely flexible because there are never ending options of git clients and Markdown editors. For example, on my Mac I can simply use VSCode to edit the Markdown files, open up a terminal inside, use gitupdate to not deal with the commit message hassle and push. Done. Also, as it is through git, I can mirror it and make sure I have backups, too.

Where is it?🔗

At the time of this post, there is practically nothing on there (hence the "start" in the title of this post), but I am eager to add a lot. For now, I imagine I will be adding many folders and categories to remember what to add. You can find it at:

Oh, as it uses git, should you find a mistake (typo, factual error, or something else) or want to add something, you can contribute should you so choose.