The Wiki and 100DaysToOffload

Day 18 of #100DaysToOffload


I recently started a personal wiki, but I noticed an unfortunate side effect, it took away from #100DaysToOffload.

Different or Similar?

Initially, I thought writing my blog posts and wiki pages would be very different. After all, they have different names, so they must be different (right? right??)! The thing is, many of my posts are explanatory, where I describe either why I like something, how I use something, and so on. My wiki pages (for now, at least) are turning out the same. Perhaps I am still in the “blogging” mode, but I guess I want my wiki to be somewhat of an ever changing and growing digital space of me. Therefore, the two are pretty similar with how I approach them. Unfortunately, there are a few negative consequences.

Writing Fatigue

This I noticed later, but after writing different wiki pages, I am slightly fatigued and do not want to go write a blog post. I am more than happy to go work on something else that is productive, but writing a blog post does not seem enjoyable after. I enjoy blogging (I even talk about it on a wiki page), but the aforementioned similarity discourages me from writing a post. Mentally, I feel I already have written one! Even this post serves as an example, it is definitely shorter and “lower quality” than usual (but this may also be due to starting school after summer, so I have not had school work in a while).

How to go forward

Honestly, I am not too sure. Perhaps I will be far less strict on my #100DaysToOffload participation and just try to get a post in when I want to, as that is when I write best. If I do not enjoy writing something, then it will surely not be my best work. I need to continue pondering this. Perhaps continuing to work on the Wiki could count as a day in the challenge. I do not see why not, but I would need to figure out a way to count it fairly. Simply adding a link to a page does not count in my eyes. Also, if the little “counter” below the title of my posts is skipping a bunch, people may not know what is going on.