I have recently set up semiephemeral by Micah Lee to selectively delete my own tweets. This is an awesome product, and something I have been waiting for.


I am not too active on my Twitter (more so on Mastodon), but if/when I am, I do not want every tweet to be there permanently. Twitter is for short tidbits and reactions, I would put anything more somewhere else (like this blog). Thus, tweets often lose relevance quickly. Or maybe new information comes out, making the tweet flat out wrong. Who knows? Instead of searching (assuming I remember it) for the now irrelevant and/or wrong tweets, I know they will be automatically deleted.

Being Selective🔗

There are a never ending amount of services and scripts to automatically delete all Tweets older than x amount of days. Not all tweets are bad, and they deserve to stay. Some tweets, like my Keybase verification Tweet, my Keyoxide verification Tweet, or my Minisign key Tweet are super important. I do not want to have to tweet that info every x days as it loses trust in that info if it is re-submitted so often. Semiphemeral allows me to choose what to keep.


After implementing this, I immediately went to go look for a Mastodon alternative. I found one called ephemetoot by Hugh Rundle. It looks awesome, but for now I ran into an issue with it archiving my tweets, but I expect it to be fixed (or I am told what I did wrong) somewhat quickly. Once resolved, I will implement it with my Mastodon account as well. This will have some more impact, as I post on Mastodon more frequently, but that also means it is more useful.

What is x?🔗

For now, I have chosen 90 days. The default I see with these and similar services is 30, but I want tweets to be up for somewhat longer than that, three months seems great. If a tweet is wrong due to new information, I will probably remember it and delete it manually. If I do not probably not that big of a deal. Also, I am aware nothing is temporary on the internet, if I really do not want anything to be there forever, I will not post it, that simple. That, though, is a topic for another post.