As I wrote before, I am on the iOS 14 beta. I forgot to download the iPadOS beta, though! While I have an iPad (the regular model), I infrequently used it, but wanted to change that, so I wiped it, upgraded, and started from scratch. I mainly made it a note taking and reading device, and one feature made the experience so much better: Scribble.


With my iPad, I also bought an Apple Pencil. It is a joy to use, but I needed apps to take advantage of it. I could not simply use it anywhere I wanted, which became inconvenient when taking notes in an ebook or paper. If I did not have my bluetooth keyboard with me (and usually, I do not), using the large screen to type annoyed me. I even moved to PDFs (which I then stuck with and still use for reading), so I could use my Pencil in PDF Expert to take handwritten (although, my handwriting is atrocious) notes.


With iPadOS 14, Apple added Scribble (among other features), which transcribes what you write with the Pencil. After a day of using it, I can confirm it is incredible. Now, I can have the speed of handwriting on the iPad but have it transcribed into actual text. It even somehow transcribe my aforementioned godawful handwriting (with about 90% accuracy, so nice job Apple).

Remaining Issues🔗

While I use the Apple Pencil for handwriting (and then transcribed) notes, I also use it as a way to navigate my iPad. Instead of using my hands, I may use the Pencil which is already over the screen to click a button. As Scribble is not restricted only to the text box, but also some room around it, a tap may occasionally be registered as a period. Minor issue, yet will take some time to get used to. Also, sometimes there is not enough room to write, so I need to pause a little for it to be transcribed. If not, words may not be spaced out and be combined into one. Although, Apple realized this as drawing a line between any two letters will have a space appear.


While I only use it to make notes on readings for now, I want to see how I can incorporate this into general writing as well. Perhaps I will write my wiki and blog posts with it? We will see.