Hi there! I’m a high school student who is primarily interested in STEM. As I am in high school, a large portion of my life is devoted to schoolwork, but rest assured, I have interests. I love science, technology, and basketball. I’m also a strong believer in internet privacy. This website, as you can probably guess, is about me and my thoughts. Hope you enjoy your stay! If you want to know more, continue reading this page :)

Also quick acknowledgment: the format of this page took inspiration from Kev Quirk's About Page.


For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply interested in science. Our fascinating universe contains so much, potentially even too much, to explore. Science is that method of exploration. I find psychology, the study of human behavior, particularly interesting. Our entire lives are human behavior, so further understanding it is a necessity. Astrophysics/astronomy is also incredible and it reminds me of incomprehensibly large our universe is.


In recent years, I also gained the love of computers, for both hardware and software. It probably is my most substantial interest currently and some of my main hobbies are a part of this. For instance, I am really into Homelabbing and with that, self-hosting. I also am developing an interest in cybersecurity, but I am still a beginner and have a lot to learn. That's the great part, there is so much to learn.


With my interest in technology, I somewhere along the road got introduced to Linux. Then followed the open-source world and internet privacy. I now strongly believe, support, and advocate for privacy-respecting and hopefully open-source) software. I don't want to bore you with everything I use to enhance my privacy, but here are some basics:

  • Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google
  • Use an email service other than Gmail, Outlook, etc. There are a lot of privacy-respecting options, and I don't want to seem biased. I do recommend to use your own domain as well.
  • Encrypt everything!


Finally, something non-STEM. By far, I love basketball more than any other sport. I deeply enjoy playing, watching, discuss, and reading about it. I probably won't bring it up too much in this blog, but since this blog is my thoughts, it will creep in there. I got introduced to the wonders of this sport from a friend in Middle School, and I've loved it since. In case you were wondering, my favorite player is Giannis Antetokounmpo. Although, I am not a Bucks fan, Giannis is just a beast.


If you have any thing to say or would like to simply talk to me, you find my contact details on my contact page.