New Keys Site

Day 19 of #100DaysToOffload


Before, I had links to many key/identity pages on my website which made things look clunky. I made a site just for that, my keys.

Oh, all the keys I have

At first, my site only had my PGP Key which was fine. Having a dedicated page to the PGP key (or at least a section in a contact page) is not all too uncommon, either. Then, I wanted to cryptographically prove my identities in a way separate than Keybase (partly due to Keybase getting bought by Zoom). Later, I found out about signify/minisign (read a post on why I love it here) so not only did I want to have a page with my Minisign keys, but also wanted to prove my identities with it. Already I had three pages, far too many for simply displaying my different keys on my site. I also realized the pain I would be in if a key (or especially adding/changing an identity) changed.


To easily update keys/identities I use two git repositories. The first holds the key files themselves. The second is the repo for the actual website, which uses the keys repo through a submodule. The website is hosted and deployed through Netlify and built with Zola. The workflow is pretty convenient, just a few git commands and the website is updated in seconds.

The Actual URL

The article has lacked the url so far so click here to to go to the site and here is the url itself: