Moving to Write.As

Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload


I have not been very active on my website. Seriously, my first and only post (until now!) was on February 1 this year. After reading through many blogs, especially with the many recent sites about promoting individual's blogs, and Kev Quirk's 100 Days to Offload “Challenge,” I got inspired. Although, I wanted to move blogging platforms.

Wordpress & Hugo

So now I will do the thing pretty much any even somewhat-techy blogger does: tell you about what blogging platform they use! The very first version of my site used Wordpress, but I wanted something new. I had used Wordpress on numerous other sites, so I craved a new experience and to learn something new. That's where Hugo came in. As a static-site generator, I could make a simple and lightweight site. I got the theme, made an initial post, and customized it just the way I wanted it. Writing in markdown allowed for an incredible writing experience. Any of the numerous markdown editors could work.

Something new, again.

Then, the site...died. It was no fault of Hugo, it was all me. During that time, I had upgraded my home server (and got a VPS) so I had even more of an appetite for self-hosting. As I (re-)read lists of services that could be self-hosted, I stumbled upon WriteFreely. It was pretty much love at first site. First, it is minimalistic, really minimalistic (If you somehow need less, use something like Bear Blog). Second, WriteFreely is FOSS and privacy-respecting, both exceptionally important to me. Third, it supports the ActivityPub Protocol protocol, so this blog is part of the Fediverse (Go here for more info)! Now, there are still a few issues such as not having that same, granular control I did with Hugo. There aren't many add-ons/plug-ins for WriteFreely (that could be considered a plus depending on who you are) so I cannot replicate many features available on Wordpress or other sites, such as webmentions. It is still a fairly small project, but I have high hopes!


Originally, I was going to spin up a cheap VPS and setup a WriteFreely instance. However, (the hosting service) provides a generous student discount, which was far cheaper, so I went with them. Plus, it's managed and supports the WriteFreely team. I usually self-host everything I can, but I want to make sure my website is up. Now I am on a new platform, and one I can hopefully stay with. Also, this is the start of my participation in 100 Days to Offload!