This page lists my different online identities (and domains). If an account is not listed here, it probably isn't me. There will be accounts I forget to put here, most likely because I barely use them. You can verify them on my Keyoxide Profile or with Minisign/Signify. I have also verified this domain on both. If you ever see new online account under my name, I urge you to verify it on my Keyoxide profile, with Minisign/Signify, and/or here. Listing and verifying these profiles is to prevent impersonation of myself and can also be use to stalk me online. Here they are:



If you would like to verify these identities with Minisign (Signify also works), download the files:

1. Download/Copy my public key

Public Key:

untrusted comment: minisign public key D3C1973108994552

Download Here

2. Download the Text and Signature File

Text file:

Download Here

Signature File:

Download Here


If you have Minisign, run:

minisign -Vm /path/to/identities.txt -p /path/to/ -x /path/to/identities.txt.sig


If you have Signify, run:

signify -V -m /path/to/identities.txt -p /path/to/ -x /path/to/identities.txt.sig